Monday, 25 March 2013

It's My Birthday!


I have had an awesome amazing incredibly fun filled weekend, which if you follow us on twitter, instagram or facebook (or all three) then you will have seen all the fun I had! (I may do a blog post of all the fun I had, if you think this is a good idea then right in the comments box, if you ignore my question then I might do it anyway...)

Now that is all out of the way, I got a pretty cool present for my birthday by a pretty awesome jewellery designer.

The designer in question is ROCKCAKES aka Sarah Meredith, who is a Brighton based lovely who just happens to be married to LOMOKEV, if any of you know how cool that is...

HOWEVER, even without being married to lomokev this wonderlady makes FANTASTIC jewellery, and I got a piece for my birthday!

I was so overwhelmed with how beautifully it was wrapped that I didn't open it straight away because I wanted the light to be nice so I could photograph the packaging. (that's how good it was!)

So here it is, packaging and all.

"The ring is angled in a way that the wearer can view the silver screen, a perfect silent cus if you are sitting in a boring meeting" 

Gorgeous little hand drawn TV

Apparently this is how Sarah wraps all of her orders!

Not too much raving Karli!

So much detail even a tiny little plug!

I also have a Rockcakes silver bracelet with a diamond pendant on it which is TOTALLY AWESOME too! Jacques bought that for me at our second Craftaganza and I never take it off. 

I have a few items on my wish list including the "Every Cloud" (has a silver lining) Bracelet! Check out her website, so you can fall in love with her jewellery too and follow her on twitter to find out when you can find her at a craft fair next!




Anonymous said...

The tiny plug is amazing and so cute <3 Sounds like you had a great birthday!

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