Tuesday, 26 May 2015

i Like CATS x designosaur

A couple of weeks ago we launched a very selfish project with Toby from i Like Cats.

Starting to work on a collaboration in the autumn is never a good idea as the build up to Christmas is INTENSE and unfortunately fun projects like this get pushed sideways. However as it's spring and things are a little less crazy we were able to have ice cream business meeting and play with all our favourite materials!

Emoji purse covered in cats, dinosaurs and emojis!

I won't lie, Jacques really did indulge us in this project, he's not really a pink and fluffy kinda guy himself buy knew that Toby and I had a vision and we were running with it!

Toby creates a whole range of items from prints to jewellery, and tote bags to pocket mirrors. He has created his own purses before and is the bestest-sewerer in all the land.

I think people like my nail varnish more than the bags in these photos...

We wanted to create something pastely, kawaii, fluffy and obviously including our favourite things, cats, dinosaurs and emojis whilst being inspired by the 90s!

FLUFFY! You can get a fluffy clutch and then put your emoji purse inside! WOAH NOW!

Inside of this FLUFFY BEAUTY!

This came together pretty easily, there were no arguments and Toby and I apparently have exactly the same taste (although Toby loves plushies in a way I never could).



This is what we made! We LURRRVVVEEE them and I hope you do too!



Friday, 22 May 2015

find us on jewellery box!

​We are now being stocked on Jewellery Box.

Jewellery Box mainly sells sterling silver pieces but have recently started stocking more fun contemporary costume jewellery, including us!

You can get your hands on a range of our products including stacking rings and our signature dinosaur designs.

Go and check it out!



Tuesday, 19 May 2015

supermarket sarah

You will hopefully have seen that we have created a Supermarket Sarah Wall along with our crafty besties hello DODO!

We started discussing creating a SMS wall back in 2013 (no really!) and now in 2015 we have finally created it! I won't even try and explain Jacques' "Urban Steps" plan...

We planned the wall and then spent an evening building it at hello DODOs place whilst munching fish and chips and having a few beers, always casual...

So here is is! The way it works is you can click on anything on the wall to buy it! Those bats take your fancy? Click on them for a full description, price and a link to PayPal.. want the dinosaur t-shirt too? CLICK ON IT!

designosaur x hello DODO | Supermarket Sarah Wall

Whilst you're on the SMS website have a look through the other walls, there's some great designers who have created walls including  Camille WALALA, i am Acrylic and Patternity.

Now what's special about our wall is that we have created a whole bunch of new stuff that is exclusive to the wall! Lets have a closer look shall we?

BATS! Bat Wall Hangings designed by hello DODO and turned into acrylic beauties by ourselves. There's a big version and a small one and each bat can be hung from it's left wing, right wing, or upside down by his feet!

This is a close up of the SUPER YUM screen print design which we have created and hello DODO have masterfully printed by hand in NEON OMBRE!
Jacques really wanted to turn hello DODOs Totem design into a necklace, and none of us had any objections cos it looks DOPE! This comes in two sizes depending on how much you want to make a statement!

I do like to wear everything that we design so we turned hello DODOs wall hangings into bat necklaces! I love his cheeky grin and I've already rocked this guy out and about and he looks SWEEEEET!

Finally a none collaboration piece, but still something that is exclusive to the wall - we have created three box lamps with different dinosaurs on in different colours. It's the first time we have created lights to sell and we hope you love them as much as we do!

There are also some designs from hello DODO that you can't buy from anywhere else right now, and classic designosaur pieces in finishes that aren't available on Etsy! Go and have a mooch about, you won't regret it!



Tuesday, 5 May 2015

made in cumbria. jane postlethwaite.

Jane Postlethwaite is an actor, comedian and writer based in Brighton. Originally from the Lake District, she thinks of herself as an advocate for the North.

We met Jane at Craftaganza a few years ago, we got chatting and now she is a designosaur ambassador, wearing our pieces at her gigs!

Jane looking FRESH in our brachiosaurus necklace
This year Jane has written her own Brighton Fringe show and you are all invited! Her first ever solo show, ‘Made in Cumbria’ will introduce you to a selection of dark female characters who will welcome you into their unique world. One of my favourites is Kirsty Bird!

I was really excited to meet the other characters including Karroll Kavannagh a survival expert who is serious about survival and has her own video diaries! Also the first northern female astronaut, a children’s author who is determined to be the next Beatrix Potter, and Bri Frommage a creative director and online life coach.

Jane is laugh out loud funny, but then I have a pretty dark sense of humour too!

Want to see for yourself? It's going to be ALL THE FUN! It's at the Laughing Horse at The Quadrant on 16, 28 May at 7pm and then on 31 May on 5.45pm. You can also follow the adventure on Jane's blog.

Have fun and let us know if you do go down!