Tuesday, 5 May 2015

made in cumbria. jane postlethwaite.

Jane Postlethwaite is an actor, comedian and writer based in Brighton. Originally from the Lake District, she thinks of herself as an advocate for the North.

We met Jane at Craftaganza a few years ago, we got chatting and now she is a designosaur ambassador, wearing our pieces at her gigs!

Jane looking FRESH in our brachiosaurus necklace
This year Jane has written her own Brighton Fringe show and you are all invited! Her first ever solo show, ‘Made in Cumbria’ will introduce you to a selection of dark female characters who will welcome you into their unique world. One of my favourites is Kirsty Bird!

I was really excited to meet the other characters including Karroll Kavannagh a survival expert who is serious about survival and has her own video diaries! Also the first northern female astronaut, a children’s author who is determined to be the next Beatrix Potter, and Bri Frommage a creative director and online life coach.

Jane is laugh out loud funny, but then I have a pretty dark sense of humour too!

Want to see for yourself? It's going to be ALL THE FUN! It's at the Laughing Horse at The Quadrant on 16, 28 May at 7pm and then on 31 May on 5.45pm. You can also follow the adventure on Jane's blog.

Have fun and let us know if you do go down!


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