Monday, 28 April 2014

Live Crafting in the Window - Etsy Craftivisit Event

A couple of weeks ago we set up an event within the Brighton Etsy Team to do LIVE CRAFTING in the window of the wonderful Super+Super.

Fourteen team members grabbed their crafting materials and sat in the window for an hour creating something that could be raffled off for our chosen charity Carousel.

We didn't perform but we did spend all day the other side of the window watching and cheering them on :D

If you missed it then don't worry, LOMOKEV has created this awesome stop motion of the day (which has been sped up so you can watch everything being created in a nifty 2 minutes 30 seconds!

See if you can spot Jacques and I in the window, comment if you can!

The raffle prizes have all be drawn now. We won a Rock Cakes BOOM! Necklace and EVERY winner got a limited edition hello DODO gocco print! If you got a text from me saying you had one a prize then you can arrange to pick it up from Super+Super by getting in contact with Sarah


Friday, 4 April 2014

SEO #BtnEtsy Talk

Another awesome free talk from the Brighton Etsy Team! You should definitely come!

I am in Africa, but please say HELLO to Jacques as he will be there learning all he can from the amazing Rock Cakes and LomoKev!

If you saw our Craftivisit event then you will know that we are selling raffle tickets for all the WONDERFUL handmade items that were crafted on the day, as well as the items donated by other Brighton Etsy Team members.

We donated lots of blue and orange dinosaur jewellery so you should buy at least one ticket! They are only £1 each!