Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dinosaurs and Dodo's Hang Out (Renegade Craft Fair)

Crafty Looking RCF (Renegade Craft Fair) for you slo-mos
Last weekend I was probably thee most tired I have ever been. Working all week preparing stock and then getting up at stupid o'clock to avoid rail replacement wasn't the beginning of a fresh faced and stress free weekend!

I looked a mess, so THANK YOU, to anybody that still approached our stall and bought from us, as we not only looked a mess, but I feel I was also talking delirious nonsense too!

However, now I've got that apology/rant out of the way...

Renegade is an AWESOME-TASTIC weekend for sellers and buyers alike.

Us having all the fun on our joint stall with the Epic-ly Amazing hello DODO
I am going to show you snapshots of my weekend, I'm not going to show you the layout of sellers' stalls because it's Thursday and I've already seen a million posts like that. Sorry if I have mentioned these people before, my taste hasn't changed...

Toby (i like CATS) struggling with all his luggage on the way to Renegade, he struggled on the way home too but no photos of that!

Bredan (i am acrylic) had the best badge. He's very very helpful. 
Jacques kept leaping into all of my photos...
Prawn Brooch by Magasin. I did the really annoying thing of trying to redesign somebody else's product. I really wanted a prawn-y necklace and was trying to work out if I could make this beautiful brooch into what I wanted. Sarah was EXTREMELY patient with me. She's lovely.

Cheska is super happy in front of her stall (mooshpie)

Our Crafty Crewdem leaving Renegade :( including Sally from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, and Amy her trusty Stall buddy! (all credit for this photo goes to Sally, except she's in it so ermm.)

So did you like my little wander around Renegade or would you prefer me to do a list of all the sellers I like and their products, because I have all the photos to do that blogpost too... let me know in the comments yeah?


PS I haven't edited my photos, there aren't enough hours in the day!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Florrie + Karli...

So last week we launched our new Florrie products which were styled and photographed by Florrie and her sister Rosie. They are beautiful photos with a dreamy vintage feel, which fits perfectly with Florrie's style.

I am as far from vintage, grown up and put together as you can get so I also took some photos with my sister, Amelia last week and wanted to show you how somebody who gets dressed in the dark would style the pieces. So if you also fail at dressing as a grown up and you want to have a bright and colourful winter with awesome statement jewellery, this is how I'd do it*...

Also Amelia bought a new top, and wanted to show it off so I have this photo too... 

Please excuse my photo taking/editing, I suck at this stuff...

*DISCLAIMER, I have not meant to offend anybody with this post

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Renegade Craft Fair London

Next weekend we will be at Renegade Craft Fair London in the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane.

We are lucky enough that this is our second year at Renegade, but this year we are sharing a stall with the AWESOME hello DODO.

We will obviously have our new best mate George with us as well as all of our other new products.

Including our new Florrie x designosaur pieces!

We will also have some NEW! EXCITING! LIMITED EDITION! dinosaur pieces that will only be available at Craft Fairs this Christmas season. So come and see us next weekend!