Monday, 28 January 2013

Plastic Fantastic!

Do you write a fashion/lifestyle blog or write for a magazine?

Well if you do then this event may interest you.

We are going to be part of PLASTIC FANTASTIC! at our Brighton stockist, Porta.

The event will showcase ourselves, Maggie Angus, Sugar Jones and Katze Shop by Rosa Pietsch.

Here is a selection of my favourite pieces by this wonderfully talented bunch, who all have different styles but using the same medium. 

Maggie Angus - Cloud Bracelet

Sugar Jones - Octopus Necklace
Katze Shop by Rosa Pietsch - Cat Necklace

Now, because I know that Hello DODO reads our blog, and Ali knows that I am anti-cats (bubye few readers that I have) I have to come clean about the cat necklace. I am not anti-cats, I am anti-cats on the internet/on accessories. I love my home* cat, Cooper, but he looks the same all the time, so I don't need to instagram him. HOWEVER, I know that everybody else loves cats on the internet and there aren't enough GOOD cat accessories so I thought I would feature this piece. Also whilst I am confessing things, I got a 'Rosa Pietsch' for Christmas. It is an incredibly aswesome art deco-esque triangular (hipster chic) shape with gold leaf and pink pigment in resin. IT IS INCREDIBLE, but it got bought for me, so there are no photos of it on the internet. I could take my own photo but it won't be shiny and glossy and white like the ones above, so you are just going to have to dream about it, or come to Porta to see it in real life. 

Well I feel better now, didn't want to be lying to you all.

Where was I?

Oh yeah...The event will be us designers showcasing our new collections and we will all be there so you can meet us and have a chat about our new designs (or old designs - I don't mind). There will also be GOODIE BAGS! YAY!

If you would like an invitation, please email and RSVP by the 14th February.



*Home - a Home Cat is a cat that is my parents but also belongs to me by default. Another example of a Home item is Home House - the house where my parents live but I also visit and used to live in.

Monday, 21 January 2013

I've got mega talented friends - 1. Bob Prosser

I have mega amazing talented friends, some of them are too lazy/occupied/unaware to tell people how amazing they are so I thought I would do it for them. 

This is one of many posts to come, although, I'm not going to feature Bob everytime, I'll probably feature my other friends. 

So what does Bob do that makes him so bloody awesome? Well he takes photos, and he's good at it. This is Bob by the way...

I helped with the lighting on this photo, isn't it awesome? (by helped, I mean I just stood there whilst Bob directed lights at me...)
Bob and I met at PhotoSoc when we were at university, I had the super awesome Jack White Holga, and Bob was one of those super cool kids with the DSLR. He wanted to take a photo of my camera (I am so cool) and that was that, Bob and Karli (and Fran, who I have omitted from the story only because it isn't relevant, but she was there throughout this whole thing, you can just imagine a girl, with another camera... I don't know if I have made it better or worse by remembering Fran but giving her a tiny mention) were friends forever.

This is the photo that Bob took that day:

This is the link to that photo on flickr.

Bob takes all of the photos for designosaur, kinda because I can't use a camera properly and I don't own a DSLR, but also because he is SUPERAWESOMEAMAZING.

Here are some of those photos, which you may have seen before, because we use them all over facebook/etsy/twitter.

And then to show you something that hasn't been all designosaur's twitter and facebook, here are some photos of when I have been helping on some of his projects... (or just snapshots that have made their way onto flickr)

I know some of you are thinking, well some of those photo's aren't all that impressive, that's because I was picking out photos from flickr of myself, there are some amazing photos that aren't of my face here and here Sudden Fiction Flickr

If you want to follow Bob on Twitter, or ask him to take some photos for you, his twitter is @suddenfiction

All photos by Bob Prosser, and property of Bob Prosser and all that jazz, if you nick them and try to pass them off as your own, I will hunt you down. 



PS this is Fran (see garbled nonsense above), and this is an awesome photo...


This is Lomokev, he is a lomography GOD! and Bob Prosser took this awesome photo of him doing the naked bike ride in Brighton.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

WOAH! We're in the NHM!

So you have probably heard, because I've been banging on about it on twitter and facebook, that we are going to be stocked in the Natural History Museum London! YIPPEEEE!

I'm sure you don't need any explanation of what the NHM museum is but our new designs are for the exhibition "Extinction" - the tag line is "takes us beyond dodos and dinosaurs to explore the crucial role extinction can play in the evolution of life." which makes us seem a bit silly as we make dinosaurs and the new extinct animal we chose was a dodo, but we weren't sure what was going to be in the exhibition and if they were animals that people would want to wear...

So here are our new members of the big ol' designosaur family!

Apologies for quality, I am always at work so take photos late at night (bad lighting), and then try to make them better with instagram (comprrrressssed).

We haven't named them yet, normally we do name them. Any suggestions for their names? If you don't leave suggestions I will have to name them myself. Maybe Matilda the Mammoth and Dilbert the Dodo... hmmm.

These are EXCLUSIVE to the NHM, but we will be creating brooches of both designs which will be available on Etsy soon.

Hope you like them (well I know you do because they have been liked on facebook and favourited on twitter) but if you haven't seen them before we hope you like them!



Monday, 7 January 2013

so we've started a blog...

I always say we've, on twitter, facebook and in emails and although designosaur is very much team Karli and Jacques, EVERYTHING social media based is Karli. Jacques is a wonderful designer and really good at making jewellery but he really has no interest in writing tweets or blogging. This does not mean that I don't constantly read out tweets to him and shove instagram photos in his face, but from now on, I shall not be using we, but instead I. (unless we is necessary or actually makes sense).

The reason I have never blogged before (I have a tumblr but this is purely picture based) is because I'm not very good at writing. I'm not saying that I don't have basic English skills. I do, I can spell and use grammar (vaguely), I have in fact written a dissertation, so it's not that I'm making out that I am terrible at writing, it's just with personal things, I tend to write a lot like I speak. MANICALLY (point proven with that beautiful sentence). I will try not to make this blog too garbled, but in fact if I have to make it correct English and less chatty then I will lose interest very quickly.

This blog is also quite a scary idea because it is not the Karli Dendy blog but in fact the DESIGNOSAUR blog. Which means I must not come across too mental otherwise you might not like our jewellery anymore. Maybe we should detach the jewellery and the blog... but then that would defeat the object. 

Well this is a significantly ramble-y mess as a first blog post! HAPPY READING! There is more of this amazing-ness to come! ;)