Monday, 28 January 2013

Plastic Fantastic!

Do you write a fashion/lifestyle blog or write for a magazine?

Well if you do then this event may interest you.

We are going to be part of PLASTIC FANTASTIC! at our Brighton stockist, Porta.

The event will showcase ourselves, Maggie Angus, Sugar Jones and Katze Shop by Rosa Pietsch.

Here is a selection of my favourite pieces by this wonderfully talented bunch, who all have different styles but using the same medium. 

Maggie Angus - Cloud Bracelet

Sugar Jones - Octopus Necklace
Katze Shop by Rosa Pietsch - Cat Necklace

Now, because I know that Hello DODO reads our blog, and Ali knows that I am anti-cats (bubye few readers that I have) I have to come clean about the cat necklace. I am not anti-cats, I am anti-cats on the internet/on accessories. I love my home* cat, Cooper, but he looks the same all the time, so I don't need to instagram him. HOWEVER, I know that everybody else loves cats on the internet and there aren't enough GOOD cat accessories so I thought I would feature this piece. Also whilst I am confessing things, I got a 'Rosa Pietsch' for Christmas. It is an incredibly aswesome art deco-esque triangular (hipster chic) shape with gold leaf and pink pigment in resin. IT IS INCREDIBLE, but it got bought for me, so there are no photos of it on the internet. I could take my own photo but it won't be shiny and glossy and white like the ones above, so you are just going to have to dream about it, or come to Porta to see it in real life. 

Well I feel better now, didn't want to be lying to you all.

Where was I?

Oh yeah...The event will be us designers showcasing our new collections and we will all be there so you can meet us and have a chat about our new designs (or old designs - I don't mind). There will also be GOODIE BAGS! YAY!

If you would like an invitation, please email and RSVP by the 14th February.



*Home - a Home Cat is a cat that is my parents but also belongs to me by default. Another example of a Home item is Home House - the house where my parents live but I also visit and used to live in.
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