Monday, 7 January 2013

so we've started a blog...

I always say we've, on twitter, facebook and in emails and although designosaur is very much team Karli and Jacques, EVERYTHING social media based is Karli. Jacques is a wonderful designer and really good at making jewellery but he really has no interest in writing tweets or blogging. This does not mean that I don't constantly read out tweets to him and shove instagram photos in his face, but from now on, I shall not be using we, but instead I. (unless we is necessary or actually makes sense).

The reason I have never blogged before (I have a tumblr but this is purely picture based) is because I'm not very good at writing. I'm not saying that I don't have basic English skills. I do, I can spell and use grammar (vaguely), I have in fact written a dissertation, so it's not that I'm making out that I am terrible at writing, it's just with personal things, I tend to write a lot like I speak. MANICALLY (point proven with that beautiful sentence). I will try not to make this blog too garbled, but in fact if I have to make it correct English and less chatty then I will lose interest very quickly.

This blog is also quite a scary idea because it is not the Karli Dendy blog but in fact the DESIGNOSAUR blog. Which means I must not come across too mental otherwise you might not like our jewellery anymore. Maybe we should detach the jewellery and the blog... but then that would defeat the object. 

Well this is a significantly ramble-y mess as a first blog post! HAPPY READING! There is more of this amazing-ness to come! ;)



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