Thursday, 17 January 2013

WOAH! We're in the NHM!

So you have probably heard, because I've been banging on about it on twitter and facebook, that we are going to be stocked in the Natural History Museum London! YIPPEEEE!

I'm sure you don't need any explanation of what the NHM museum is but our new designs are for the exhibition "Extinction" - the tag line is "takes us beyond dodos and dinosaurs to explore the crucial role extinction can play in the evolution of life." which makes us seem a bit silly as we make dinosaurs and the new extinct animal we chose was a dodo, but we weren't sure what was going to be in the exhibition and if they were animals that people would want to wear...

So here are our new members of the big ol' designosaur family!

Apologies for quality, I am always at work so take photos late at night (bad lighting), and then try to make them better with instagram (comprrrressssed).

We haven't named them yet, normally we do name them. Any suggestions for their names? If you don't leave suggestions I will have to name them myself. Maybe Matilda the Mammoth and Dilbert the Dodo... hmmm.

These are EXCLUSIVE to the NHM, but we will be creating brooches of both designs which will be available on Etsy soon.

Hope you like them (well I know you do because they have been liked on facebook and favourited on twitter) but if you haven't seen them before we hope you like them!


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