Monday, 29 April 2013

I don't wear trousers.

It's true, I don't wear trousers... most of the time. I wear dresses and skirts and shorts because it means you can get two items onto your bottom half, which means LOADS MORE COLOUR!

I don't know if you've noticed, but I have a lot of tights. I post them on instagram, and I started doing this because I wanted to record all the tights I'd had. Some pairs are a one wear only before they get a ladder!

I never wear tights with ladders - infact I totally hated that trend where people were pulling holes in their tights on purpose. Those poor defenceless tights! I also don't wear plain black tights. I hate them, they remind me of school and it defeats the object of adding colour to an outfit.

I hope that nobody takes offence to anything I'm saying, I really don't mind what you wear.

Anyway, I was going to do a bit of a round up of my tight collection so far as I realised I have over 70 pairs of tights currently in circulation...

So there they are, that isn't all the pairs, or even most of them, but just some of them, and if you enjoyed that you should follow me on instagram... if you didn't enjoy it then still follow me on instagram so I can show you sneak peeks of new designosaur products and the awesome commissions we do!




Unknown said...

I'm so envious of your dinosaur leggings, and your leg-apparel collection generally. So many great prints and colour combinations!

Unknown said...

Thank you! They are from EAT ME on etsy :) I'm sad because I got a ladder in one of my favourite pairs this morning. WAHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

Poor defenceless tights !! ripping Thick Black 200 denier Opaques is doing the right thing ..I do it all the time ...getting what they deserve if you ask me ..suzanne