Monday, 8 April 2013

SS13 from designosaur!

The new SS13 from designosaur is here! If you follow us on Twitter or have liked us on facebook then I am sure you have seen all of these pieces already. If you have however been living under a pile of dinosaur bones then here you go!

Natural History Pieces

Darwin the Dodo is a very happy chappy

Then there is Matilda the Mammoth

and finally Quentin the Pachycephalosaurus, yes we know that's a bit of a mouthful!
Lichtenstein Inspired Pieces

 We love Pop Art, and with the Retrospect at the Tate currently on show, we thought it was the perfect time to give a nod towards an artist we love.

Yellow Heart Necklace
If you haven't been to the exhibition yet, you should go, it is AMAZING! There are so many pieces that I have never seen before, and I went to the last huge exhibition in the Hayward Gallery and have seen his pieces in the MoMA and all over the world... (big fan). Some of his Art Deco influenced sculptures are simply beautiful and it is from these that the structure of our pieces come.

Art deco Inspired Mirror Sculpture

Lichtenstein is most famous for his Benday dot designs so we have incorporated these into the Collar as well as the brooch and ring of the same design. The red heart is also inspired by these tiny hand painted dots too.

Lichtenstein Collar
Lichtenstein used to copy from comic books, and in some cases painted direct copies of work onto HUGE canvases. This is the true essence of Pop Art to me, taking something everyday (POPular culture) and making it art. I am fascinated by tiny replicas of everyday objects and huge bright paintings of famous people. Hopefully this comes through in our jewellery... well it does in this collection!
Lichtenstein inspired Brooch, Ring of the same design

Green Heart mainly inspired by Lichtenstein's Mirror Paintings
Let us know what you think of the collection, and what your favourite pieces are!



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