Thursday, 31 October 2013

Florrie x designosaur

I met Florrie whilst we were both interning in London. We made matching bracelets and I don't really know how we got to where we are now. This is our second collaboration with Florrie and she is going to tell you a little more about herself...

Florrie in her Bear Bib Necklace

Intricate hand cut paper illustrations inspired by antique lace, nature and print design. 

Since graduating from Loughborough University School of Art & Design in Multi-Media Textiles (2010) I have applied these skills and the love of Folk Art towards recreating lace through the humble material that is paper. Being a freelance designer I have had the opportunity to create window displays, commissions, collaborations and also work with other designers in this exciting medium. Being able to collaborate with designosaur has been a dream come true because of my big love of jewellery and quirky design. 

Flower ring

Florrie's sister Rosie modelled for all these shots, that's what sisters are for right?
I like to contrast textures and styles within my work, setting old against new; scouring vintage and antique fairs provides me with little treasures I might use for inspiration, collages or just add to my growing eclectic collection.

RAWRSOME Growling Bear Brooch

My love of nostalgia creeps in to most pieces of my work whether its Victorian embroidery, a children's book illustration or a pattern from a 1920s piece of china. To contrast against this I love modern and innovative design which brings a contemporary edge and helps my work evolve.

Cute flower earrings
Although I graduated with a degree in Textiles, illustration has always (and will always) be a major element of my work. My parents are a big influence and have always encouraged creativity due to their own talents. My dad Mark Thomas fed my appreciation with the history of illustration through being able to follow his varied career, portfolio and vast collection of reference books. 

Mini Growly Bear
The Journey from Paper to Acrylic

1. My original hand cut paper illustration of Hidden in Lace. This piece was from my degree show and easily one of my most time consuming and detailed paper cuts. I wanted to recreate antique lace through paper but bring a more contemporary element by placing unusual imagery within the pattern to catch people out. 

Florrie's original Paper Cut

2. I decided to choose this paper cut as I thought it would stand out and compliment Designosaurs unique image. After playing around with potential shapes and designs I decided on the collar style for this piece. I edited the lace in Photoshop to make it symmetrical and simplified elements.

Florrie's necklace design
3. The next stage was designosaur doing their magic! An important stage of the process is checking the file and making sure the intricate design would work as jewellery. Then the piece was laser cut in white acrylic.

BIG Statement Bear Necklace

4. The finished result! Check it out - Now available at 


Peace Out!

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