Tuesday, 11 February 2014


This time last week we were at The Old Market setting up for the first ever BtnEtsy Talks, it was a brilliant night with an amazing turn out.

Emma from Bets and Bobs gave us an outline of what PR is and how to achieve it, followed by Lyndsey talking about how she applied that to her small business What You Sow.

It was a really interesting evening that not only informed, but also inspired us to get back out there and start shouting about our products again.

Some of Lyndsey's features!

There was even a surprise appearance from George!

George in Emma's presentation

The next talk we hope will be in April but I'll keep you posted.

Inspired by Lyndsey I am now creating a Press page for designosaur. Hopefully you'll be able to find this on the blog soon.

If you came, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, if you didn't make it this time, make sure you come to the next one. If you want more information check out the Brighton Etsy Team Blog.


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