Monday, 1 September 2014


So we have a shiny new necklace! We did a sneak peek and none of you got it, but that's not very surprising as we are sure now that it has been unveiled you still don't know what it is...

Kinshachi Necklace
Not only is this a totally awesome necklace, it's also a mythical Japanese dolphin. Could you tell? Beautiful Japanese dolphins made from mirror gold acrylic to hang from your neck.

Summer 2013, yeah last year, we went to Japan for nearly a month and stayed with our awesome amazing wonderful friend Fran in Nagoya, Japan. Whilst we were there Fran showed us the sights of Nagoya including Nagoya Castle.

Jacques and I at Nagoya Castle
The dolphins (the animal they most closely represent a sort of translation as they aren't really dolphins) are on the top of the castle and are there as tailsmen to protect it from fire. Ironically the castle was bombed in 1945 and it looks pretty on fire to me...  


But don't worry everything was rebuilt, and is still being renovated now, so if you wana visit the castle and the dolphins you can.

Fran and I riding a replica of the Kinshachi
- taken on my Instax with Disney Princess film, cos I'm that cool

Kinshachi necklace

So what do you think of our new design? Did you enjoy my mini history lesson?


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