Saturday, 23 February 2013

Plastic Fantastic - It Happened!

So I didn't blog on Monday, I don't know if you noticed or not, but yeah I'm here now instead. 


The goodie bags!
If you don't know what plastic fantastic is then I blogged about it before - look it up (no seriously look it up lazy bones, I refuse to repeat myself)

So it started at 6pm, Jacques and I weren't completely ready and the first blogger came early! Ahhh! Then the rest of the bloggers arrived dead on 6pm so it was all rather overwhelming!

We had thought that most people would drift in and out, throughout the night so next time we will try and make it so there is more space and utilise the two floors rather than just the downstairs. It was pretty rammo for the first hour!

It all went past in a literal blur! We saw Toby and Kieran from INSIDE magazine and had a quick chat with them, HelloDODO turned up (because they are super nosy) and we waved across the room to them! Jane Postlethwaite who is an up and coming comedian supporting designosaur, was there picking out new pieces for her collection and we were able to smile and nod towards her. Along with a whole lot of other bloggers who I am unfortunately I am going to group together into the blogger category.This is because I did get lots of names and I did chat to lots of lovely people but I feel like you guys might be getting bored of my listing.

Toby and Kieran checking out their goodie bag!
Hello DODO - wanting to sneak a peak of designosaur's new collection!
A bit about the collections...

So Maggie Angus jewellery belongs to designer Anna Evan's (OMD her name isn't Maggie Angus that's crazy - no it's not guys, breathe)

I loved the giraffe bracelet from Anna's 'High Summer '13' range, so that's what I'll be getting when it's available. All of Anna's jewellery is bang on trend with monochrome and geek chic inspiration. 

Anna and her beau
The awesome amazing giraffe that I want!
Rosa is so annoying because she's buff, photogenic and her jewellery is awesome. I am very excited because we are doing a jewellery swap which means I get a ROSA PIETSCH! (and Rosa gets a designosaur obvs)

Carla of Sugar Jones and Rosa Pietsch of Katze Shop
Rosa's new collection, the gorgeous Light Bulb collar clips and the mega amazing lantern necklace!
So this just one of Sugar Jones' many beautiful designs, (see above for photo of her face). I love it! It's all bright and colourful and nostalgic and YEAH! I think spending the evening with these guys as well as the couple of hours previous to set up I realised that although they seem very composed, they are nearly as mental as me, they just do a better job of hiding it...
Super Cool!
and finally, our new stuff!

Jacques obviously isn't part of the new collection I just thought this photo of him was funny.
Just a few...
...because I will do a proper blogpost on the new collection soon!
The event overall was awesome. We loved seeing everybody's new collections which are now all on sale at Porta (yes already! QUICK! RUN!) 

So here are some wonderful more photographs by the amazing Bob Prosser (this entire blogpost's photos are the handy work of the wonderful Bob)

Jade who blogs for VICE and on her own blog I totally love this photo because you can see SUGAR JONES on Jade's tablet.

My hands, I had beautiful green glitter nail varnish on that decided to flake off in huge chunks at around 5.55pm. My finger farm still rocks though.
Hooting Miss Owl lovely a bit of Sugar Jones
Sugar Jones, Hooting Miss Owl and themummydiary

If you were at the event then please #hashtag your designosaur photos with #designosaur and your event photos with #plasticfantasticporta. If you were there and you loved it, or loathed it, let us know! If you weren't there then keep your eyes open for more events coming soon!



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hello DODO said...

SUPER NOSY PAH! We just came for the free shiz!! :D
Joking of course, it was mega awesome can't for the next event!!!! ;o)