Monday, 11 February 2013

I've got mega talented friends - 2. Hannah Clare

So this is my second talented friends post, and this time it is Hannah Clare.

This is a real Holga Photo not a fake instagram...
I used to work with Hannah, she is totally awesome and completely insane. It was her birthday at the weekend so I thought she should be on my blog today. (haps birth hannah)

So what does Hannah do that makes her so awesome? She's an illustrator. Except that doesn't necessarily mean that she draws. (she can draw, but people get this children's book illustration thing into their head and that's not where we are going with Hannah's work)

Hannah creates INCREDIBLE collage type pieces, that make you happy. I have two pieces. One of them is the "All my rabbits got Kids" original and the other one... hmmm I'm not sure what it's called. But I've found a picture of it...

Hannah is also part of the collective "To the Power of 8" which is a group of 7 artists doing their thing, the website is very lovely, so take a LOOK!

To The Power of 8!
Hannah is super cool creating posters for bands, and album art work as well as working on commissions from one of Brighton's coolest crafters, I'm not sure how secret this is so I'm not going to say anymore...

However, as I have said before these posts are about my friends that don't rep themselves enough, so hopefully Hannah will have her etsy shop up and running soon, with lots of products for you to buy, until then check out her portfolio and "To the Power of 8"!

Photo of a Light House... Genius.



Oh yeah, all images are mine or Hannah Clare's no stealing, it's nice and it's not cool.

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