Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Everybody loves sparkles and glitter, no?


and our latest products are made of the most sparkly stuff ever!

Our little dinosaur brooches have been vamped up and are ready to rave in five awesome glittery colours

designosaur Triceratops Glitter Dinosaur Brooch
Black with Gold Glitter
designosaur Brachiosaurus Glitter Dinosaur Brooch
Red with Red Glitter
Black with Silver Glitter

Turquoise with Turquoise Glitter
designosaur Stegosaurus Dinosaur Glitter Acrylic Brooch
Clear with Silver/Holographic/Rainbow Glitter
(yeah you can see the colour but I don't know what to call it officially)

You can get each dinosaur in any of the five colours, just select from the drop down boxes on Etsy.

So you're wondering what can I match this glittery goodness with?

I've done that fashion blogger thing of finding other glittery things for you, no need to thank me.

...well I started to do that, and then I got bored, so I found three glittery pairs of shoes instead. Let me know what you think of the shoes, and obvs the brooches.

Glittery Converse
Glittery Lazy Oaf x Kickers
Glittery-and-I-own-these JuJu Jelly Shoes


1 comment:

QueenieDot said...

What's better than a dinosaur brooch? A GLITTERY dinosaur brooch, that's what! Fab!