Thursday, 27 June 2013

Craftaganza Live Talk - MIY Workshop

I'm Meme Dendy, little (sometimes annoying) sister of Karli. Karli has introduced me into the world of social media and now she's getting me into the world of blogging. So you lucky people get to read my first ever ever blog post EVER! 
Flyer from last nights talk (we didn't take any photos!

Last night I was thrown into the world of craft which my sister has become so accustom to. She very kindly took me along to a Craftaganza Live talk. I got to meet some of the people who I've seen so much about on social media and I got to put a face to the craft. 

Wendy Ward was the speaker and she did a talk telling us all about how she got started and how she has ended up running her own business MIY Workshop

The talk was very friendly and informal, and not too long! It was also positive, making the process of going from crafter to business owner sound challenging but not unachievable. Wendy detailed the journey she has been through to get to the point she is now, talking about the low points and tough decisions along the way. 

I think the talk was particularly interesting if you shared Wendy's passion for her craft as she is clearly very talented at what she does, not only teaching but also designing and creating her own patterns. However I think the message and ethos she talked of is beneficial to any one trying to make the leap from doing something as a hobby to doing it as a real grown-up job and all that that entails. 

Photo from Wendy's website of Patten Cutting
It was a great experience and excellent for those of us who are a bit nosy (myself included)! It was interesting to hear about someone's craft, experiences and journey. It was a lovely, informal night out, nothing like the dreadful talks you used to get in school, also I'm pretty sure you were never allowed an Amaretto and coke during a talk at school.  

If I lived in Brighton I'd definitely be up for going  to the next one as it was mentioned the next talker could be someone who makes big things out of little things, which left me confused but interested! I'm sure Karli will update us all of what that talk entails. 

(designosaur model/ Karli's Sister)

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