Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pop Up Meet Up


I haven't blogged in forever because we have been CRAZY busy. However I have set myself the challenge of catching up on everything we have been doing over the last month in blog posts, so expect an extremely bloggy week!

As the name suggests we went to a Pop Up Meet Up at the beautiful venue which is the Emporium on London Road. Jacques and I headed down and arrived about five minutes before it all began, we sat with Cheska from Mooshpie and I commented on how we weren't late (for once) only to be given a skewed look because in the forty minutes previous they had all been networking... ooops.

It was a fantastic talk outlining what We Are Pop Up do, how they do it, and why we should be involved.

Jacques and I love these free meet ups and talks because you can learn so much from inspiring business owners, artists and designers whilst enjoying a beverage!

I wrote lots of notes, which isn't like me, I'm more of an absorb-er when it comes to information so I also drew a lot of different styles of typography... (I have photos on instagram of these things but my computer, my phone and dropbox are conspiring against me)

So We Are Pop Up was founded by Mike Salter who came down to Brighton with Abi Freeman I chatted to them both afterwards as we are interested in a Pop Up shop for designosaur and also as something that the Brighton Etsy Team could do. It was all very positive with Mike and Abi making us feel as anything was possible.

We Are Pop Up provides the link up between space and people that want space. They are currently working with Brighton and Hove Council and have placed 60 businesses in their first year! 

We were told about lots of great Pop Up's that have happened or are happening, which I'm going to tell you about...

Prop Store at the National Theatre
"Propstore is the National Theatre's unique summertime pop-up riverfront cafĂ©-bar, built with sets and scenery from NT productions and filled with some of our favourite props.
Open every day from noon, it serves a selection of delicious street food, Meantime draught beer, Sipsmith spirits and English wines. Friday and Saturday nights mean DJs 'til 2am and a variety of exciting live bands."
Amazing huh?! I want to go. 

Little Green Pig Writing Project is a non-profit creative writing organisation for children and young people,  based in Brighton & Hove. Their plan is to create the Pop Up "Pet Emporium" for exotic pets, how about rainbow drops for your unicorn or grooming products for your dinosaur? We love this idea and we'd love to get involved in this project!

So basically a month ago we had an awesome time learning about Pop Ups, networking and drinking in an awesome venue... I LOVE BRIGHTON!
Oooo look I drew my signature, cool huh... (not really if you are called Bob Prosser, he's the only person I think won't be excited about this)

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