Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Craft Camp! Etsy Craft Party 2013

The Craft Party took so much organisation and then was so much fun that I then had no energy left to tell you all about it!

So now I want to tell you it was AMAZING! We got together 50 of Brighton's crafty people to knit, stitch, glue, felt, make and eat cake and this eventually created an AWESOME window at Super+Super (blog post on this to come).

Welcome to Craft Camp! We spent the evening making merit badges, decorating tents and learning new skills.

I am going to show you some of  the incredible photos by Bob Prosser and the totally brilliant video he made for us... 
Crewdem - Toby, Cheska and I

Jacques with the cute little Mike Wazowski Pom Pom he made me
Etsy Face!
Deborah and Avnish knitting and Pom Pom making!

Party Bunting!
Awesome Brownies and Etsy Letters by Sarah Miss Cake
Craft Numpty... Jacques... let's mention he's repping a HelloDODO T-Shirt!
Toby makes a felted sad bear, and Jacques makes a very sprightly felted fox!

The party was mainly organised by Toby (i Like CATS), Cheska (Mooshpie) with crafting activities by Kate (Actually I Do), Karen (Karen Rao), and Suzie (Strix nebulosa Crochet). Crafting for the Community brought us all together and I hope everybody had fun!

We are are doing awesome and amazing things as a Team and it is keeping me very VERY busy as a Team Leader. If you are a Brighton Etsy Seller join our team, we are a friendly and unstoppable bunch at the moment! 


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