Monday, 11 August 2014

Buying British and Handmade this Christmas!

OK so there is C h r i s t m a s in the title which you may think is a little early, but if you are like my mum then you will have started your Christmas shopping six months ago!

Now for those of you that haven't realised, we are a British company who designs, makes and assembles all of our jewellery right here at designosaur HQ in Brighton.

We love supporting local designers and makers and do, where we can, buy local, and buy handmade. We know as well as you do that sometimes it just isn't possible to get exactly what you want right on your doorstep but all we are asking is that you consciously think about where your products are made.

We are planning to buy only British and/or handmade products this Christmas, we are part of the Brighton Etsy Team (check them out) which gives us over six hundred shops to browse through, and we think that with some time and research everybody will receive a gift they will love!

I'll keep you updated on how our buying british and handmade goes and if all else fails we will just have to give everyone designosaur for Christmas! If you'd like £5 toward your first Etsy purchase, you can redeem now or use later to buy something you’ll love by following this link 

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