Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Talking about ourselves! - Kirstie Allsopp's 'The Handmade Fair'

The Handmade Fair organised by Kirstie Allsopp is the weekend of the 19th - 21st September and we will be doing a talk as part of the Etsy Business School.

Our talk is called "Setting up a successful business. Stories from an Etsy seller"
It all sounds very serious, "business school", but they have asked us to speak so even if Etsy were going for a formal business talk that ain't gonna happen as I'm far too excitable and honest! We can't wait to tell you about how we started, all the experiences we've had along the way right up to where we are now!

If you don't want to listen to us then you can visit our stall which will be in the Etsy area of the show. We will have all of the usual dinosaurs, plus some new designs which you may not have seen before. Lucky you!

Not only can you see our ugly mugs but Deadly Knitshade will be taking on Mr X Stitch in a Mollie Makes mash up in the Super Theatre. I don't even really know what that means but it sounds amazing. Deadly Knitshade has worked with Nintendo and is famous for her graffiti knitting, so you've got to come and see her right?

It's going to be a great day out and you can get some of your Christmas shopping done early / buy lots of awesome things for yourself and be too poor to afford Christmas presents... 
Want tickets you can buy them here: http://www.thehandmadefair.com/ticket-info/

Or you can enter to win a set of tickets over on Photocraft's blog. Lyndsey James will also be doing a talk as part of the Etsy Business School too! Photocraft helps crafters to take brilliant product shot through workshops and online courses, and Lyndsey is awesome too!

Hopefully see you there, if you do come and see us then let us know you read the blog and we will have a little something for you. If we aren't at the stall then I will be hunting out Kirstie Allsopp for a photo as she's my craft crush.


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