Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello Resolutions!

The end of the year!

WOAH! Where did it go?

I wanted to review my new years resolutions and to let you know that I really didn't do that badly!
I said that I was going to blog once a week every week and OK I missed a couple of them BUT I did blog most weeks. The big question for me is, did anyone read them? Did you enjoy them? And do you want me to blog some more?

I have found it really difficult to judge how much you guys have enjoyed my blog posts and which topics you like most.

I asked out on Twitter what they'd like to see of my blog and my blogging New Years Resolution for 2015 is to do some more outfit posts let's say I'll do a total of 5 minimum next year.
Also we were asked to do some process posts so let's say I'll do 5 of these too. (I like winning so I'm keeping the numbers low)

Anything else you'd like to see let me know in the comments and I'll add it in, if I think it's good obvs.

Oh and obviously I'm going to keep up the blogging once a week as once a week is stressful enough. My upload day is Tuesday, did you even know that? Probably not so I'm going to make that an actual regular day that I upload. YES I AM. I CAN AND DO THIS.

What's your new years resolution? Oh and don't forget to help me out with any other blogging related resolutions!


not at all related to the post, here's a picture of my face...

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