Tuesday, 24 March 2015

big tunes | one

This is my first music post, EVER. 

I'm kinda split about this kinda post because I normally read others music posts and it's not really my thing, so lets see how this goes, let me know in the comments if I should comment on my music taste ever again!


MAJOR LAZER. One half Diplo, one half Switch. Two halves AWESOME. Added to MØ, what more could you want? This song has been the soundtrack to my life for about a week but the video only went live yesterday and it is AMAZING! Diplo pulling some Indian inspired dance moves, MØ dressed practically as Gwen Stefani and a brightly coloured bus. WIN.

Photo Credit | Pinterest
So Gwen stefani and her 90s vibe leads me to this big (but not new) tune by Cyril Hahn, no music video here, well there is a video so you can hear the tune. But no actual video... 

So yeah a big tune, if not an old tune. And finally as I'm apparently keeping it in a kinda of easy listening vibe (and making sure that we remember some older tunes)...

George Maple with Talk Talk, this is also not a new song, but it's a good one. Although electro / anything with a beat always seems to have semi naked girls rolling around so sorry about that.

So what do you think? Like them? At least you know what is playing in the studio now!



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