Tuesday, 17 March 2015

the making of: sterling silver dinosaurs

​I promised that I would do 5 process posts this year and as it's already March, (how?!) I thought I'd better get on it!

Some of you might already know about traditional jewellery making techniques but for our solid sterling silver pieces we have done things a little differently.

Our little Triceratops and Allosaurus were created via 3D printing. We created a 3D design to take our laser cut design of the tiny necklaces and turn them into moulds for silver.

Once we had completed the file and added a spru (the tree like bit that holds the two dinosaurs in place) we were ready to cast.

We cast 10 dinosaurs at a time, and they are solid silver.

Once we remove the casts from the mould the silver pieces need cleaning up. Luckily for us, Jacques' dad is a jeweller and taught us what needed to be done to create the finished product.

First the pieces need the sprus removed, these are filed off until they are flush with the dinosaurs back.

Then they need to be sanded using wet and dry paper, until they are smooth and of a good finish.

Next they need to go into the polishing machine. This is a machine which tumbles the jewellery with abrasive pellets to give a shiny, smooth finish.

We then attach silver jump rings and solder them closed before threading onto a sterling silver chain and packaging into one of our designosaur gift boxes ready to ship off to your dinosaur loving best mate, girlfriend or mum!

Enjoyed learning a bit about how we make things?


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