Tuesday, 10 March 2015

50 shades of George

The 28th February was #dayofgeorge. Not a day that we invented, but that you guys, the George fans, decided was going to happen!

If you don't know who George is, then I don't know where you have been. Read about our collaboration with hello DODO here!

A whole bunch of you wore your necklaces on the same day and showed off George to his full potential, showing that he really does go with everything! Thank you to everybody that took part, we really loved seeing your photos!







I had gif issues, I wanted to make a really snazzy gif like this. But then InDesign, .jpegs and Instagram didn't want to be friends so I made a simplified gif above of alllll the 'day of george' photos!

If you have a George and want to share him camouflaging against your own clothes use #georgethechameleon and tag @designosaurYEAH and @hellohelloDODO. We really do love seeing what George gets up to!

Realised how awesome George is, and don't have your own one yet? You can get one here!



Re: Blog title - 51 people posted photos of George on the #dayofgeorge hashtag... makes sense now right?

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