Tuesday, 21 April 2015

etsy adventure in new york


So where was I last week, and what was I doing? Good question, I don't even know, I think I must have been at home dreaming...

Times Square! I love America, the lights, the fast food, the brands. It's the ultimate pop culture and busy makes me happy, hopefully I can convince Jacques to holiday there this year!

No, but seriously if you didn't already see (social media means I've almost always told you everything before it even makes it to the blog!) I was in New York celebrating Etsy going public!

I was one of 23 sellers invited to Times Square last Thursday to join the celebration! It was completely mad. I wasn't able to tell anybody I was in New York due to signing a none disclosure agreement so it was a surprise to even my family! All of my friends have since told me I'm a terrible liar however.

If you want to find out more about exactly what I did on the day, take a look at the Brighton Etsy Team blog.

I wanted to share some of of my adventures around New York, including my day trip to Coney Island and my visit to the Etsy office in Brooklyn!

Etsy turned Times Square orange as the Bell rang

Group shot of all the sellers invited to the ceremony! I'm there on the left repping a sabre tooth!

The Etsy market in Times Square, so many awesome sellers so much orange!

Went to visit the Etsy office in Dumbo, Brooklyn. This place has some pretty awesome street art

More large scale awesome street art

In the Etsy office, I may have mentioned before that the error message that occurs on Etsy with the lady knitting a three armed jumper is a real thing that Etsy programmers get if they bring the site down!

Giant owl sculpture in the foyer at Etsy. I don't know why but this area made me think I was in the Beetlejuice waiting room, in a good way...

Coney Island! The Luna Park was shut as it's out of season but the weather was totally LUSH! 

Coney Island is in all the movies and the boardwalk and beach were super sweeeet! I met a girl on the train who was also day tripping and we hung out and got burgers and beers, HI CLAUDEE!

I love colours, fairgrounds and blue skies, not much else could have made me as happy.

I wish I could have asked for hints and tips of where to go and what to do as I love hearing what you guys get up to, but this time I was almost gone before I could even tell anybody I was there!

Have you been to New York? What's your favourite bit?


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