Friday, 17 April 2015

etsy captains summit


A couple of weeks ago I was selected along with Toby one of my Brighton Etsy Team leaders to go to the UK Etsy Captains' Summit. If you have read my blog before, you may know that this was my fifth summit to date!

Our #btnetsy necklace and George hanging out! (This is the photo that won me a notebook!)
We traveled down to Bristol and met up with other experienced team captains and leaders that we had met at previous summits for dinner and discussed our plans for 2015, how last years pop ups and markets went and what we were looking forward to that weekend!

Saturday morning started with an ice breaking scavenger hunt on board the SS Great Britain, oh I didn't mention our venue was a boat right?! We had to find a monkey, somebody giving birth and somebody being sick amongst other things and in our group we had the two Bristol captains, Laurence and Grace and the the two French admins including Sophie (my new found sole/soul sister)

Sophie dressed as a Victorian!
The day continued with presentations workshops and talks about the upcoming Etsy Made Local event (keep your eyes and ears open for EML Brighton this Christmas!) as well as hints and tips for Captains and some mini presentations about last years Pop Up success stories!

The days at the Summit are long and intense but worth every minute. I did have mini tantrum as I couldn't log onto the WiFi until mid afternoon and I was itching to share news and new found knowledge with the team. But that aside we finished at 6pm with a notebook FULL of ideas and went back to the hotel to change for dinner.

Toby and Grace hanging out on the anchor
Dinner was delicious! I'm not a photos of my food kinda gal, so there aren't any photos of that but I can assure you that if you are in Bristol that I would recommend The Olive Shed.

Just before dinner was served I was awarded UK Team Captain 2015 which is an honour and was truly a surprise! I really love the Brighton Etsy Team and the projects, collaborations and events we get to run with the team wouldn't be possible without my INCREDIBLY AWESOME team leaders and my ever enthusiastic team members!

Sunday Toby and I rocked up looking like drowned rats as it was chucking it down, my make up was melting down my face. This was obviously the day that a group photo was taken so I chose to hide behind Emily as that's not a look I want to be reminded of!

Toby on super concentrate mode
The day was full of PR, Social Media, Leadership and Craft Party presentations and I even won a notebook for having the most instagram likes on a photo tagged with #etsycaptainssummit. I did slightly cheat however as the photo also had George in it and you all love George!

If you want to read a bit more about the Summit check out Toby's blog post.

Sorry this post wasn't up on Tuesday, if you follow us on instagram, twitter or facebook you will have seen that I was in New York this week celebrating at the Etsy Bell Ringing Ceremony.

More to come on this next week!



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