Tuesday, 9 June 2015

meet our stockists! Porta.

Want to find out more about the boutiques that designosaur is stocked in? The last one of these posts was from Pyramid Gallery. Now to back to our home town Brighton to Porta, an emporium of all that glitters!

4 Bond Street, North Laine, Brighton

We are a weird and wonderful fashion boutique which tries to appeal to the quirky masses!!! We have been here for 5 years now, and we like to think that we have built a bit of a following thanks to our locally sourced jewellery range, that includes Designosaur amongst other fabulous acrylic brands.

Which designosaur design do you personally like the most?
I LOVE the Sabre Tooth Tiger necklace and the Narwhal! I'm really attached to the fact that I was one of the first people to own a triceratops necklace too!

Which designosaur piece do your customers love?
People are really in love with the dinosaurs, but recently, George the chameleon and the small glittery unicorn pendants* have become firm favourites.

Have you done anything particularly creative/ different with the way you display our products?
We are very lucky to be working very closely with Karli and Jacques, therefore we have access to their own display stands for our shop, which makes it easier for our customers to identify the brand as soon as they come in the shop. Also, I am still hanging on to the idea of having a giant T-Rex in the window to promote designosaur!

What do you hope will come next from designosaur?
We would love to see the "skeleton" range expanded to everyday animals like cats, peguins, sharks, and obviously mermaids and winged unicorns!!! cause yeah, mermaids and unicorns are everyday pets for us!

You heard it here first, mermaids and winged unicorns are everyday pets in Brighton. If you go into Porta make sure you say hey to David, he loves to chat!



*these are Exclusive to Porta!

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