Tuesday, 16 June 2015

mollie makes handmade awards

Last Thursday we were invited, as finalists, to the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards, and what a day it was!

I'm sure you've all met George by now but if you haven't here he is, and he's the reason we were shortlisted with hello DODO for the Mollie Makes Collaboration Award!

Now Brighton is a pretty talented place and Amy and Claire of Super + Super were also shortlisted for the Established Business Award - WOOP WOOP! HYPE BTOWN!

Amy, Jam (with no legs) and Ali chilling in the sunshine

The day started with a Photo Walk by Xanthe and some homemade lemonade. Presentations from the finalists were through-out the day. We couldn't watch these but there was a panel of EIGHT judges, and we were the very last presentation... eek!

There were talks on how to get your book published and one from Pinterest. They were fun and definitely insightful! (now what can I write a book about...)

Crafty Materials for Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Unfortunately Jacques wasn't able to come along but I got to hang out with the Dodos and met plenty of amazing designer makers!

So with our nerves building all day, we waited at the bottom of the stairs to meet our doom (jokes) - we presented to the very friendly bunch and were asked lots of questions about George, our brands and how we had worked together to collaborate.

When it was all over we grabbed a pint - cos it'd be a stressful day - and waited nervously for the results and when we were announced, none of us moved! We were winners of the Collaboration Award! WAHHHHOOOOO!


Creative Idea award winner Allison Sadler’s (#MakeItSewcial) and Established business award winner Nikki McWilliams (I'm a stalker, as you can tell they weren't posing for me ;) )

Back in Brighton we all went for celebratory burritos and filled Jacques in, he was pretty hyped so here's a dark blurry photo of him and his Mollie Makes swag (including an amazing brother pen with a LIGHT!?!)

So George is now award winning! How magic is that? Mega thanks to Mollie Makes and all of the judges, we are soooo excited to have won!

Do you have a George? Do you think fame has gone to his head?


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