Tuesday, 7 July 2015

unboxing. june's dinosaur disco lucky dip club box.

** SPOILER ALERT this post shows the contents of June's Lucky Dip Club Subscriber Box!**

This June we were very lucky to be asked by Leona of Lucky Dip Club to create a dinosaur themed gift to be a raffle prize in the Dinosaur Disco Box!

For those of you that don't know what Lucky Dip Club is, you're in for a treat! Lucky Dip Club is a themed monthly subscriber box. You sign up (here if you want one) and each month Leona sends you a box full of goodies!

Blogging is turning into a bit of a game (most things in life are a game for me) as I want to tick off all the different types of posts that bloggers do, this week I'm doing an UNBOXING post! I'm so excited!

Leona very kindly sent us our very own dinosaur disco box to enjoy, so here's what's inside!

Best thing about Lucky Dip Box? It comes straight through the letter box, so no sorting office trips to pick up this baby! The box was tied up with rainbow string and when you first open it, you get the HAPPY DANCE message! WOO HAPPY DANCE!

Fastened with a LDC sticker, all your goodies are wrapped in lime green tissue, getting EXCITED YET?

POW! All that goodness! I'll mention again that not every box had a designosaur brooch in, but if you were lucky enough to get one then let us know in the comments!

Everything in the box laid out. I'll go through everything individually below but from top left to bottom right we have, a dinosaur desk pet,  glitter plesiosaur brooch, dinosaur party washi tape, dinosaur charm necklace, dinosaur felt coaster, dinosaur succulent stalker and the LDC zine.

TAPE! This tape is lush, some of you may recognise it as we have been using it to parcel up our recent orders, lots of dinosaurs having a party, what more could you want?

Each month there is a limited edition charm of the month, this month was obviously a dinosaur, mine came on a chain because it was my first box, but if you are a regular subscriber it comes with just the jump ring to add to a charm bracelet you receive in your first box! How cool is that?

The dinosaur desk pet, who doesn't want a pet dinosaur? This is created by the wizz kids at Garudio Studio, they make other flat pack pets too!

A Succulent Stalker / Cactus Creeper by Funky Laser, another great thing about LDC is that in every box there is a personalised item. Ours isn't personalised, probably because Jacques and Karli - designosaur wouldn't have fitted on, but yours would be! If you have names like Jacques and Karli this is an added bonus because NOTHING COMES WITH OUR NAMES ON EVER.

Felt Brontosaurus coaster. Got it on my desk and it's doing a smashing job. Did you know that the Brontosaurus has only just been reclassified as an official dinosaur, previously they thought it was a juvenile Brachiosaurus or two different dinosaur skeletons that had been mashed together! 

The LDC zine! It's great reading fun facts about all the people that have made bits to go in the box, and look THAT'S US!

Finally, if you recieved one of these little ladies you are very lucky! There were only 20 little Penny the Plesiosaurs  to find  in just over 1000 boxes, but isn't she SPARKLY! If you want your very own sparkly swimmer you can get one here. Oh and that pretty looking paper is the back of the zine which you could use as wrapping paper?

So what do you think? Would you subscribe to Lucky Dip Club? Do you wish you'd got the Dinosaur Disco Box? If you do want to sign up the next box launches in August. You've gotta be ready to go, as they sell out so quickly every month, follow Leona so you don't miss out!



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