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designosaur collections | toby from i Like CATS

MEOW! It’s Toby here from I like CATS! A few months ago Karli guest blogged for me (RIP blog, soz) and it was really good and funny, so when she asked me to return the favour I couldn’t say no I jumped at the chance! So I’m going to be talking about my own designosaur collection which has grown pretty big over the last few years!

I remember the first time I saw a piece of designosaur jewellery, long before I met Karli and Jacques IRL. Having moved recently to Brighton we spent a lot of time sloping around the North Lanes, and it was here that I spotted one of their skeleton dino creations hanging in the window of Porta. Being already familiar with a few other laser cut jewellery brands I was super impressed by the quality and design of their necklaces, PLUS I have always LOVED dinosaurs and so instantly I was smitten. Funny to think that a few years later I would be such good friends with the people who made this necklace of my dreams…

My first designosaur piece

This photo makes me laugh everytime. Me (Karli) and Toby at Craftaganza a few years back, I think Jacques was at a stag do this weekend so Toby had to deal with me all weekend ;)  Photo Credit | Rockcakes

I have to admit that looking through my collection I found it difficult to remember which piece came first, but I’m pretty sure it was my tiny Allosaurus necklace in gold acrylic. It remains probably my most worn piece as it goes with everything. Also (because I’m an awkward customer) I got Karli to change the length of the chain to make it long enough to throw over my head without undoing the clasp. I’d like to award myself ten lazy points for this decision! 

My favourite designosaur piece

My favourite designosaur piece is quite a new addition to my collection. Although I LOVE all of their non-prehistoric pieces, I think their dinosaurs will always be my faves. Karli gave me (I know, I’m jammy) the plesiosaur when we went to the Jurassic Seas exhibition together at Sea Life. I find the shape and weight so pleasing and it hangs just right on me. I have to mention (otherwise I get in trouble) that my necklace is actually one of the prototypes and is slightly different to the one you’ll find in their shop as he’s in ‘racing position’ (how cute is that?), and I think that’s also why I like it extra cos it makes me feel special.

My fanciest designosaur piece

Late last year designosaur added some sterling silver pieces to their collection and (I know this will make you think I’m a massive spoilt brat) Karli and Jaq gifted me one as a late birthday present, much to my delight! I feel like this is the fanciest piece of jewellery I own since most of my necklaces and rings are made from the kind of metal that makes your skin green. I always like subtle contradictions in life and having a silver dinosaur feels like a good one.

My special designosaur piece

I actually have TWO special designosaur pieces that I’d like to talk about. The first is extra special because I don’t think you can buy it anywhere anymore. Two years ago we had a tropical party, and Karli and Jacques brought along these AMAZING googly eye pineapple brooches for everyone. I would like to point out that this was like a year or more before the tropical fruit trend happened and you saw pineapples everywhere; yup, designosaur were first (and still the best). 

My second special piece is my custom MEOW ring! You can still get these personalised rings from their shop for your name or favourite word. I wear mine at every market I ever do and get about a million compliments which makes me feel like Rihanna at the Met gala.

Special mention to…

My triceratops ring that I wear practically daily, my magical unicorn ring that I like to think I could use as a weapon and my cockatoo necklace gets lots of good attention! Can’t wait to see what designosaur come up with next, I still have a million things on my list that I want!

Toby xoxo

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