Monday, 24 August 2015

etsy captains' summit australia

A couple of weeks ago I was in Australia, if you've seen my post about Melbourne you'll know this ;) but why was I there? I had been invited to speak at the very first EtsyAu Captains' Summit.

If you've been following us for a while you might know that this is actually my sixth summit! Phew! But I learn something new every time, even when I'm invited as a guest speaker!

There were around twenty different captains and leaders from all over Australia, and each summit is an opportunity to learn from each others experiences. Each team is different, and takes on different opportunities. Some of the common misconceptions about Teams is that they are run by Etsy, whereas each Etsy team is run by a group of volunteers, that's right, nobody gets paid, it's just fun!

Have you mEtsy? STICKERS OF OUR FACES!?!

Oh hello, nice to meet you!

The summit was held in such a cool space! It seemed very "Aussie" to me.

I learnt a whole load about leadership, which I will be writing another post about soon. As Helen the MD of Etsy Australasia and Cyan from Envato are definitely women that have their shiz together. (Read uber inspiring)

Obviously the most important thing I learnt was how to do a Tim Tam Slam! I made the foolish mistake of suggesting that Tim Tams were actually very similar to the humble Penguin bar, but was very quickly corrected!

What do you love about your team? THEY'RE BLOODY AWESOME!

Tim Tam Slam Prep

If you want to find out more about my adventure you can check out the Brighton Etsy Team blog or the EtsyAu blog!



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