Tuesday, 11 August 2015

my trip to melbourne

For those of you that live in a cupboard, the last week I have been in sunny grey Melbourne! I was very kindly brought here by Etsy Australia to do a talk about leadership and the Brighton Etsy Team.

Rose Street Market, I visited when it was open too, but all the things I liked were living so I knew I couldn't bring them home!

Love this! Welcome to Sunnt Fitzroy, except it was definitely grey!

Buutttttt, when I've not been presenting I've been bumbling around and hanging out in some pretty cool places that I'd love to share with you!

I arrived on Thursday morning after what probably is the world's longest flight and I stumbled into Babka, feeling gross and confused.

I had THE BEST french toast, I think I would like to point out now that I haven't had a bad meal in Melbourne the whole time I have been here, I don't think there is bad food here to eat so WIN!

Eventually I'm going to own a vintage petrol pump, I think it will tie in nicely with my new traffic lights...

Awesome exhibition at the National Gallery Victoria, using Aboriginal art with modern techniques.

Unfortunately I disclosed my dislike for coffee rather too early as I've realised that coffee is a way of life in Melbourne. I would get asked if I would like a coffee upon arriving an establishment and then a server would return to double check I was sure I didn't want a coffee and in some cases I would be in the middle of my breakfast and a server would run over and ask if they had forgotten to bring my coffee! THEY REALLY LOVE COFFEE HERE!

I've already told you I loved all of the street art!

I hung out at Movida, having some tapas, watching the world go by and watching all the other tourists taking photos of the graffiti!

I have mainly spent my time here, eating, drinking and wandering the streets and taking in the INCREDIBLE street art. Now Brighton is a pretty vibrant city, we had what I thought was quite a lot of street art (definitely compared to Luxembourg which is where I was last week - that place is BLAND!) but here, well it's a whole 'nother ball game!

Melbourne CBD including flinders station.

Cool art at the NGV. Colour and shape are my kinda thing....

I have tried not to spam street art pics on instagram but there are so many pieces, in different techniques and in awesome colours it's been hard!

Did I mention colour and shape are my kinda thing?

Phamily for lunch in Fitzroy, it was as beautifully decorated as the food was delicious!

I've got a real feel for Melbourne, it's a pretty cool city and I'm so pleased I came, have you been? Want some more tips? I can probably point you in the right direction!



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