Friday, 7 August 2015

behind the scenes | filming a video

​A couple of weekends ago we got together with one of my talented friends Heather, and her boyfriend Sia to film a little promo video for designosaur.

You might recognise Heather as she has previously been the otherside of the camera as one of our models!

We roped in Milena to model for us, and I feature quite a lot in the video too (sorry for the cringe)

It was a fun day of doing crazy things, including letting an ice cream melt all over my hand, which then stained my hand pink!

Getting told off on the Merry Go Round for not sitting down properly and Milena getting a whole heap of candy floss in her hair because it was so so windy!

These are just the behind the scenes shots, we'll let you know when you can watch the whole video!



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