Sunday, 24 January 2016

etsy resolution

​Now you may have seen my resolution post for 2016 to keep improving our small business, and at the heart of that business is our Etsy shop.

We started on Etsy in 2012, we'd never heard of the site before and had been recommended by a friend (I can't remember who now, but I wish I could so we could say thank you!). We listed our first few items (with terrible photos) and tweeted Etsy to let them know we had opened our shop, that day we had 10,000 views through our shop and it kicked off from there!

Since then we have not only had over 2000 sales, we've had opportunities we would never had had through setting up our own website (going to New York for the IPO, and Etsy filming a help video in our home studio!) to meeting people who have become some of our best mates (shout out to the #btnetsy mandem) 

So you want to get a piece of it right? Well you CAN! Etsy have made it even easier for you with Etsy Resolution a free 4-week community-led programme to gain support and skills from top-selling Etsy mentors. I've met three out of the four of these members and two of them have been Brighton Etsy Team Members! They know their stuff and they're already helping everyone out in this facebook group set up for newbies (that's you!)

From photography to marketing and tips for getting found by potential customers, they'll set you up with a support network to make this your best year yet.

​You need to sign up by the 25th January, (but if you're a little late to the party, that's OK too).

If you do sign up, let me know by tweeting us @designosaurYEAH, or commenting on the blog, we'll happily help you out if you need us!


Karli (and Jacques)

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