Tuesday, 19 January 2016

london lumière | a day trip to london.

This weekend we went up to London with a load of mates for London Lumière, a four day festival of light installations across London.

It was billed at being a chance to beat off the winter blues and anything bright and shiny has my vote anyways!

We started obviously in the same place as thousands of others, around Kings Cross and got caught up in the crowds which unfortunately meant that a few of the installations were turned off as we walked the route, butttttttt this is what we did get to see!

a rainbow neon bird cage, there were swings in the middle too!

I think this was my favourite of the things that we saw!

This photo might not look like much but it was people with sensors on all moving and then being projected onto the building! Did feel a bit sorry for those people eating at that restaurant though, with all of us staring at them! 

My bessie Harriet caught whilst I was trying to get a photo of this animation projected on a building, you can see how crowded it was now...

this garden in the middle of Leicester Square was another of my favourite, it was like being Alice in Wonderland when she shrinks and then the flowers bully her...


fish! These guys were gracefully floating along Regents Street

We were on a hunt for this elephant, having found out that the Whale was only at the Durham event, the elephant was the next best thing, it was an animation of an elephant and from one street you can see the elephants face and the other street just his bottom!

Did you go along? What was your favourite part of the festival? Luckily the festival was such a success that they are planning on putting it on again in London and in other cities across the UK so if you did miss it, then keep your eyes peeled for the next one!


Karli and Jacques

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