Tuesday, 12 January 2016

goodbye 2015, hello resolutions!


It struck midnight we all cheered, hugged and jumped up and born to Born Slippy (which is the ultimate NYE tune. FACT.) and then my friend turned to me and asked what my new years resolutions were for 2016.

I hadn't really thought about it at that point, and when put on the spot I said "BE BETTER". Which I still stand by, but I thought I'd be a bit more detailed here.

Let's have a quick look back at how well I did with last years resolutions, you can read that post here.

blog every week

FAILED. This is the same resolution I set the previous year too, and I did actually do 6 more blog posts than I did in 2014 BUT the content of those posts definitely improved. In 2014 I used the blog a lot more as a place to advertise upcoming #btnetsy events, designosaur new releases and things that weren't very meaty. In 2015 my content was a lot better (I know that because views and followers increased) so those 38 posts were wayyyyy better than those 32 posts in 2014.

Unfortunately as we approached our busiest time of the year, Christmas, which for us starts in August if not before, my blogging dropped off and instead I have a drafts folder with nine unfinished blog posts in... ooopppss.

do a minimum of 5 outfit posts

FAILED. I wanted to do this, and I really should be doing this as the one outfit post I did manage was my most viewed post of the year! Excuse for not doing more; not wanting to look like a wally in the street, Jacques not being able to take photos/ wanting to take photos, rain, not having a camera remote, every day being a bad hair day... the list goes on ;)

do a minimum of 5 process posts

TICK. So I left this pretty vague, I wanted to show you a bit more about the way we work, a bit more behind the scenes and explain a bit more about our design process. So I did posts on the Brighton Etsy Team Pop Up Shop, Our collaboration with Toft, Making a film with Etsy, Making a Promo Video with my friend Heather, and the making of our sterling silver dinosaurs.


Our first meeting of the NY with the Brighton Etsy Team is always a goal setting one, we set the following goals, which are embarrassing because they should definitely not have been 2015 goals, they probably should have been 2012 ones!

make a colour chart for our listings


make sure there are full dimensions on all of our listings


2016 resolutions

blog every week!

I know I have now failed this resolution two years in a row but actually having the pressure of this being a resolution really helps me to try and keep on top of it.

create our new website and blog

it's currently in a hosted but not designed position I'm planning to get this up and running in the first half of the year.

make it to 10k instagram followers

currently at 8374 so this year I'm sure we can make it to 10K.

secret big plans that we will accomplish in 2016

watch this space.

be better

always be better.

Happy New Year Y'all, what are your resolutions, and as it's now the 12th, have you stuck to them?!



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