Tuesday, 19 April 2016

#yayeverday | designosaur x i Like CATS a round up

In March we took over i Like CATS #yayevery2016 providing the drawing prompts for Toby's hashtag project.

Jacques and I decided to take it in turns to draw, so we only had to draw every other day and then about a week in, the pressure was too much and I left it to Jacques to sketch!

Here's some of the drawings we created:

21 | go to disneyland

23 | vending machine

29 | banana

1 | pineapple

4 | parasaurolophus party

6 | whale song

It was the perfect time to also work on some 'Best Friendz' pins, so we both created enamel pin designs that were made in GLITTER! Ours is a little sabre tooth cub, and Toby made a little prehistoric kitty. The idea is that you keep one and give one to your best mate! They're limited edition and available in both our shops!

Toby draws every day, 365 days a year so if you want a challenge, or just some inspiration check out his instagram for the latest prompts!

Karli (and Jacques)

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