Friday, 24 March 2017

New Plans and Big Decisions


It might have seemed a little quiet on these parts but that's because we've spent the last few weeks making some HUGE DECISIONS!

As you know designosaur is run by myself and my business partner (and boyfriend - cos I know you're nosey) Jacques. I've been running our small business as my full time job for three years, and Jacques has recently made the decision to become full time designosaur too!

I say full time designosaur but what I really mean is Jacques no longer has a "day job" because he has been doing designosaur more than full time since the beginning.

To be able to make this big change, lots of things have been shaken up. We want to purchase our own laser cutter, and to be able to get the power and precision from the laser cutter we want, we have decided to set up a second business, called 'YEAH laser', cutting other designer-makers work!

As you can imagine there's been a lot going on behind the scenes, but now we want to share it all with you! You can find out more about our plans here.

We are crowd funding to buy our laser cutter, and in exchange we're offering a bunch of exclusive designs from us and our crafty friends including Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes, I Like CATS, Pork Chops and Rock Cakes.

AND if you're a fellow designer-maker you might be interested in our "laser time" perks too!

We're really excited for our next adventure, and as usual we'll be taking you along for the ride.


Karli (and Jacques)

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