Monday, 22 January 2018

Resolutions 2018

Photo Credit | Kate Holden - Oh Someday

Hi yeah, me here, long time no see, in fact the last time I was here was when I was writing our resolutions 2017 and round up posts 2016.

Back again to do it alllll again.

Let's first look at what goals we set at the beginning of last year...

Design new socks, tights and leggings.

We did one of these, we designed and made new dinosaur socks, two designs and two new colourways. They've been a huge success and we've seen that "jazzy" socks are really on trend these days. So perhaps expect more ;)

Tights is something we wanted to revisit and maybe we can this autumn... leggings I feel like maybe people are over leggings, but let me know if you think I'm wrong.

Jacques is going to draw something weekly (for fun)

Started strong, but he just didn't make the time to complete his drawings, this was a challenge that he created with prompts with his mum, who DID do a drawing for herself every week and now has a beautiful sketchbook to show for it, and has more drawing challenges for 2018. So if inspiring someone else to do your goal counts then Jacques can tick this off!

I'll get our full new colour range up in our colour charts

Well, we actually started a new business, YEAH laser and there is a full colour chart of all of the acrylics we offer on that site. We can't say the same for our Etsy shop, so half win half fail?

We will finally publish our website

Hmmm, I actually deleted the website I had started building and cancelled the hosting. So there couldn't be less of a designosaur website this year. But as I mentioned before, we started a new business YEAH laser, and it has a website, that I made and published so again - half win half fail?

So there we go, not sure we did too terribly with those, but what you might have noticed is how much changed very early in the year and we had new goals to achieve very quickly.

Jacques quit his full time job in February to go full time designosaur / YEAH laser. We decided to run a crowd funding campaign through March to raise the funds for a shiny new laser cutter, and we ran two businesses from April. This was a HUGE change of plan. We'd invested all of our money in our new sock designs, we were going to be working out of the same studio space, and together 24/7 which people constantly asked if it would break us. The answer, no.

We've worked insanely hard over the last year, yes some things fell into place, and we had A LOT of help from our friends and family and YOU GUYS but at the end of 2017 we have two awesome businesses that are keeping two of us in full time employment. We can see how we can expand, improve and be even better... so what more could we want?

So yeah now I've proved that you can achieve things that weren't even on the agenda at the beginning of the year, let's set some 2018 goals.

Set up the studio so that it is both sexy and functional - having done a full year, and a one busy season in the space, we know what we need to improve the space so that it works more efficiently for us. Let's do this.

Send a newsletter every month - we currently send about 9/12 each year, hopefully we can plan enough in advance to get those final 3 mail outs into inboxes in 2018.

Let this be the year of more designs! We're going to push ourselves to create at least one new piece a month (and list it online) this might not sound like much, but getting things done and up consistently is sometimes easier said than done.

What do you want to see from us? Maybe we can add it to our list of goals? Let us know.

Thank you for all of your support in 2017, and before that, and into the future. You're all awesome,

Karli (and Jacques)


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