Tuesday, 7 October 2014

ROARBalls are back!

Back in 2012 we released our very first Christmas decorations. There was one dinosaur design (which is now part of the new collection) and three other Christmas designs. The dinosaur design was by far the most popular the design and now for Christmas 2014 we have four dinosaur designs to adorn your tree, house, or dog* with!

Brachiosaurus' chilling under a steaming volcano

Santa Claws and his flying Triceradeer

a 2012 original, the Stegosaurus buying his Christmas tree

A Plesiosaur swimming in the lake whilst the Parasaurolophus' quench their thirst!

yup same design, different colour! There are five colours available...

They are available in sets of six, with the sixth bauble being FREE! Yup that's right, completely FREE!

Want to get your hands on six awesome new Christmas decorations? You can here!

Let us know what you think in the comments!


* We don't actually recommend or condone you putting Christmas decorations on your dog.

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