Monday, 13 October 2014

The Blog Hop!

We have been nominated by our uber colourful, wonderful crafty partners in crime hello DODO to do the 'Blog Hop'

Jam and Ali from hello DODO and Jacques when we were at Renegade last year!

What's that I hear you say, well I said yes I'd do it before I even knew what it was but luckily it's nothing too crazy! I just have to answer three questions and then nominate two other people to do the same. Easy peasy.

So here goes...

What have you been making at your desk this week?

If you don't know about us here at designosaur, it's me Karli, and I  do all the blogging, social media, answer your emails and manage our shop. Jacques does the designing and we both do all the creative brainstorming to come up with new designs. It is very much team work as we both did Product Design degrees but have different strengths when it comes to running a small business!

One of 4 ROARball designs!

This week we are resting after having just launched the new ROARballs! We are getting a lot of custom requests so are working on designs for these commissions, but we can't say much more about that! Our stockists have started to place orders for Christmas so we have been making lots of stock for them. There are always a lot of George's to assemble 'cos he's a popular guy and it's been fun to make some of our newer designs such as the sabre tooth tigers and toucans.

George - Photo from hello DODOs instagram

We have a collaboration in the pipeline which we don't know whether we will be able to get out before Christmas :S and we also have a new product to launch in the next couple of weeks which isn't laser cut! (yes you should be excited!) 

It's always very busy at designosaur HQ will a million projects running side by side working all hours of the day and night. Jacques and I talk nothing but plastic and dinosaurs, Jam from hello DODO even commented about how strange our conversation was when I told Jacques in the pub to be careful when we got home as the Sabre Tooth's eyes were laid out on the table"

Putting together some Sabre Tooth Tigers!

Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere and anything, Jacques is very good at reading my mind, if we come up with a concept together then usually what I have in mind is what Jacques then draws. We love going to museums and exhibitions and are out and about whenever we can be. 

We have been working on several collaborations recently, you will have seen the ball of yarn rings which we created with Claire from Yellow Bear Wares and we are working on other secret collaborations which you will find out about soon so our inspiration comes from the people we work with too, it's great to get a new perspective and there's plenty of creatives to bounce ideas off in Brighton!

Ring from our Yellow Bear Wares Collaboration

How important is being creative to you, and how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?

Being creative is important but it's not something that we need to think about to make it happen. If we aren't designing for designosaur then we are being creative in a heap of other ways. I'm pretty into what I wear and I get to be creative in that way. Jacques is a maker, and a problem solver, he's creative by making or fixing things around the house, we have several laser cut lamp shades as Jacques has broken the previous ones, and Jacques is very proud of the custom mud guard he has made for his bike (it's the small things in life ey)

Rocket Lamp Jacques designed and laser cut (photographed
 in an oddly none colourful area of the house! :S

Everything falls into place balance wise, it probably isn't very balanced but we are having lots of fun!

Passing the Blog Hopping Baton

Now I'm nominating some others, I hope they get involved!

Rockcakes - I have been fangirling over Rockcakes since I came to Brighton in 2007, learnt about her awesome husband LOMOKEV and found out about her incredible jewellery. This is one clever lady, not only does she make fantabulous precious jewellery, I have her diamond bracelet and TV ring, she also makes a heap of fun laser cuts too!

Rockcakes TV ring and designosaur unicorn ring

Woah The Pickle - Vicky is a linocut printer, her designs are fun, intricate and super awesome, I have several of her troll prints and they all have iridescent hair. They are AMAZING.

All the trolls, photo from Vicky's Etsy shop!

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if being creative is important to you too!


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