Tuesday, 3 February 2015

brighton etsy pop up - part two

Last week I asked if you wanted to hear part two of the Pop Up adventure so here I am writing it! If you missed that you can check it out here.

We soft launched the pop up on Thursday 6th November. I don't think we were even open when the customers asked if they could come in and browse! We spent Thursday running around pricing the last bits, and preparing for the Private View!

If you managed to visit the shop, you'd know it wasn't very big, but we did manage to pack it full of the designers and their family and friends! We had some drinks to celebrate opening our very own shop and then it was time to start thinking about our next big party!

Toby from I Like CATS werking the cash desk

We had so many people that wanted to come to the Private View that we knew we wouldn't have space for the Press to really get a feel for what we had created. That's what Saturday, our all day launch party, was for! Tori [Jasmine and Hobbes] who works in Events at her day job, and was a vital part of the pop up committee, planned a fun day to draw lots of people down for the grand opening.

We had a decoration and badge making workshop with Cheska [mooshpie], the USSU stage choir, local buskers performing and spiced Christmas tea for every visitor!

mooshpie setting up her workshop table

some of the clothing, including dresses by Dig for Victory, T-Shirts by hello DODO and Likks and upcycled pieces by Bettina Nem

Lola Hoad working the cash desk and Moosphie buying a Mrs Lovedays Emporium hat for minipie!
We had created a few press packs, and obviously the shop was open to all. In the end it was a really busy day first day! I'd like to say that we then went home to relax for the rest of the month but it was a lot of hard work from all involved running the shop!

I hope you've enjoyed hearing a little about our Pop Up shop, if you have any questions let me know in the comments.

Today happens to be our "Etsy-versary", we are three! If you are reading this on Tuesday then you can use WOAHNOW for 30% off until midnight!



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