Friday, 16 October 2015

etsy european captains' summit in amsterdam.

I saw this and it seemed so poignant.
"Another summit, I'm sick of hearing about them!"
I'm sorry if you feel that way, it's the last one of 2015 so you can breathe a sigh of relief! I am now a summit vetren, and in fact, I think I have been to the most Etsy Summits out of everyone ever, including Etsy Admins. There have been nine summits in total and I've been invited to, and attended seven of them.

It's always so exciting arriving outside of the summit, you never know what is behind those doors!

"But why do you keep going Karli? And what can you get out of going to the same thing seven times!?!"

I've been Captain of the Brighton Etsy Team for two years now, when I went to the first summit back in February 2014 I was a newbie captain and we had a fairly newly activated team, but this aside I still did a talk on leadership in my team, as I was asked to do so.

It spiraled from there, I was then invited to do the same talk at the upcoming, French, German and UK Summits and just a few months back I was whisked to Melbourne, Australia to do it again!

Building our agenda together.

Chad Dickerson himself giving an awesome introduction, which we were told not to repeat ;)

I'm very passionate about the team, we've achieved so much from a Christmas market to a Pop Up shop, from talks to meet ups with over 50 people, which I wouldn't have been able to do without some awesome leaders and extremely talented team members.

So this summit was an open agenda, and most of Etsy's senior staff were there including the CEO himself (we periscoped!) I didn't have to present and so I did a lot of listening. I soaked it all up and chatted away to new captains and experienced captains about the ins and outs of the Brighton Etsy Team.

Break out session with some awesome captains!

Some of my faves from the UK! These girls got it going onnnnnn!

It's said all the time that you never stop learning, and it's so true. I could go to another seven summits and I'm sure I'd get as much out of it as the very first one.

Thanks for having me Etsy, I learnt a lot and I'm excited to put it into practice.



PS If you want to read more about the summit you can find another post on the Brighton Etsy Team blog.

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